kneeling at cross

It's not normal...

I just realized it's probably not normal to feel uncomfortable when someone says the word "eat" or "eating".  That's probably kind of weird, right?
I've been this way my whole life, and also felt guilty for eating. 

kneeling at cross

First day of the semester

I started teaching my lessons again today.  It was good to see my students, but weird as usual because it's not normal to not be with them in the room.  I can't do this much longer.  I love teaching and I love seeing my kids grow and learn, but I can't do that very well through the computer.  I took a nap today after practicing lifting and my whole body hurt.  It got worse when I locked my keys in my car at the grocery store.  I just walked around in a daze in the store, among the oranges and frozen food...with a stupid mask on my face, tears streaming down my face.  I can't do this much longer. 
kneeling at cross


I have joined Gab, along with 10,000 new users per hour today. 
Free Speech isn't something to joke around about.  It's one of the main ideas our country and free society was founded on.  Corporate control of the narrative is very scary. 

Gab is running very slowly right now, probably because of all the traffic.  When things calm down a bit, I'll check it out more.  Not sure what to expect at this point. I'm not fond of echo chambers (all one idea) but I am also not fond of people getting banned or censored for right-wing/Conservative politics.  
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LiveJournal Themes

Will someone help a girl out and show me where to get some modern livejournal themes?  I haven't changed my theme in years and I'm feeling the urge, but this site is so hard to search. 

Also...good communities for userpics/icons?

Thanks in advance :) 
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Dressing to the 9's for Zoom

I feel like I have an addiction to workout clothes, specificially Lululemon. 
I love the feeling of their Align tights...which are incredibly soft, and their Wunder Under tights, which have compression and are good for cardio/weight lifting.  Aligh is better for yoga and barre type classes. 

The problem is, I want to live in them.  I want to wear them all the time.  I've gotten so incredibly lazy during being forced to work at home like some addict under house arrest brought on by too many stints in rehab.  Whereas I used to dress up and look beautiful in flowy, feminine clothes, now I look like a Highland Park mom coming home from Equinox after a 7 min workout on the way to brunch with "the girls".  Mimosas!

There has to be a happy medium, but I can't find it.  I can't bring myself to wear a dress with a petticoat (I love the 50s, okay?) to sit at my piano on a zoom call all day.  I just can't do it.  It feels strange.

But nothing about life is un-strange right now, so I guess lululemon it is.  
kneeling at cross

Its a beautiful day

Husband is back at work and I'm literally still in bed.  Cramps.  Started a new cycle.  Don't feel good. 
My mom has COVID and is almost completely better.  Her birthday is tomorrow and I'm so sad we can't take her out to dinner. 
I teach a class tonight at the gym so I'm just storing up energy so I can lift some weights while telling others to lift them, too. 
kneeling at cross

Saints Jude and Simon

Yesterday was the feast of Saints Jude and Simon.  These apostles of Jesus Christ share a feast day.  I'm sure there are good reasons for this, but I am not aware of them right now.

I didn't know they shared a feast day.
When I named my little first saint in heaven Jude, it just seemed like the right name for him.  He was, I thought, long prayed hard fought for and loved.  And just like that, he was gone.  His name is Jude.
The twins were unnamed for long time.  Naming your unborn children who you will never meet on earth is emotionally draining, to say the least.  But they needed names, and the names came to me.  Simon and Celeste.
Our latest little flower (in July) was Veronica.  She who imprints the face of Christ.
I knew that Jude's name day was coming up, but I was shocked when I started seeing the name Simon with his.  They share a name day.  How amazingly cool is that?
kneeling at cross

It's my birthday

Thank you to ghost_light who wished me a happy birthday :)
This year, literally all I want is a baby.  Though my generous family got me lovely presents.
We went to Fredricksburg for the weekend.  Lots of relaxing, good German food, some thrifting, and just fun husband cuddles.  I have the loveliest husband in the world.  What a sweetheart.